Etern Collection


Year: 2015
Categories: Personal Accessories

ETERN is a proud Portuguese Brand of Luxury Accessories dedicated to management, personal and professional organization. The excellence carefully selected materials – Signing Author’s Piece of High Jewellery in White Gold and Natural Leather treated without the use of harmful products for the environment, create value and perfect symbiosis of style.

Dedicated to outstanding personalities, with a strong sensitivity to the design, the elegance, the cared detail, and the privilege of owning a Luxuriously Craft Accessory, unique, distinctive and unparalleled quality. Personal Management Essentials who meet simultaneously three commitments: Identity, Effectiveness and Exclusivity, with a dedicated Concierge Service.

The distinct advantages of ETERN Collection are firstly, the compromise between High Quality and Exclusivity with Individuality and Efficiency. Offered in three different colours – Black, Brown and Honey.