Year: 2014
Categories: Cutlery

The only thing that can make the act of eating even more sacred is a proper set of irons. The Malmö Cutlery Set by Portuguese designer Miguel Soeiro gets its name from the similar, twisted shape of the Turning Torso tower in the Swedish city. Forged in beautiful 18/10 stainless steel and finished in PVD titanium matte or gloss coatings, every mouthful counts with the contemporary edge on a millennia-old implement. Wonderfully slender, embodying visual purity, and winning the 2015 iF World Design Award, each fork, knife, and spoon will certainly provide food for thought.

Copper Matte or Shiny;
Gold Matte or Shiny;
Black Matte or Shiny;
Silver Shiny.

Dishwasher safe

 BID’16 Selected Product

 IF Design Award 2015

 G Design Award’15 Nominee

GreenHouse Stockholm 2014